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Pregnancy Week by Week is a resource designed to answer questions, provide useful developmental information, and encourage parents-to-be during an apprehensive and exciting time! Each week, mom’s body and baby are changing in unbelievable ways—creating life in a mere 40 weeks.

Use Pregnancy Week by Week to learn about mom’s emotional, mental, and physical changes, as well as the ever-changing physical development of baby. From poppy seed to watermelon, engage with your baby by understanding his or her needs and watch the miracle of life unfold before your eyes.

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Pregnancy Week 6

Congratulations! You are now halfway through the first trimester. It may seem like the waves of nausea, exhaustion, and other unpleasantries will never end, but just remember: Your body is working hard to create a unique individual. Changes in Mom Major changes occur during week 6; it is no wonder that you feel as if […]

Pregnancy Week 5

Week 5 is the first of your second month of pregnancy! There is no doubt about it now: You’ve passed any at-home pregnancy test thrown your way, and your symptoms have begun to affect your life. Fatigue and nausea are two of the most common symptoms and can have a real impact on your mood, […]

Pregnancy Week 4

Your baby has now found his or her home for the next 36 weeks, give or take a few. During week 4, your nice, little blastocyst becomes an embryo, nestling itself safely into the uterine wall. This process, called implantation, can cause some spotting (implantation bleeding) and is perfectly normal. Changes in Mom The hormones […]

Pregnancy Week 3

Conception, Baby! The moment of genesis has finally arrived, whether this moment caught you by surprise or is all a part of your calculations. A successful sperm has now fertilized the egg, creating a one-celled organism called a zygote. After this cell divides numerous times (forming a blastocyst), it will travel down the fallopian tube […]

Pregnancy Week 2

This week marks the end of life as you know it and the beginning of a new life to get to know. Although no baby exists yet, this is the week your body prepares for conception. To get ready for such an undertaking, your body is priming itself for ovulation—your last period is over and […]

Pregnancy Week 1

If you are reading this summary, chances are you’ve decided to have a baby, or you’re already pregnant and trying to learn as much about your pregnancy as possible. Either way, week 1 is rather uneventful. It is the week of your last menstrual cycle. Your body is preparing for pregnancy by releasing an egg […]