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Pregnancy Week by Week is a resource designed to answer questions, provide useful developmental information, and encourage parents-to-be during an apprehensive and exciting time! Each week, mom’s body and baby are changing in unbelievable ways—creating life in a mere 40 weeks.

Use Pregnancy Week by Week to learn about mom’s emotional, mental, and physical changes, as well as the ever-changing physical development of baby. From poppy seed to watermelon, engage with your baby by understanding his or her needs and watch the miracle of life unfold before your eyes.

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Pregnancy Week 28

28 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to the third trimester! This week starts the beginning of the end of pregnancy, and there are many preparations to be made. Changes in Mom Earlier in your pregnancy, you had a blood test conducted to determine your Rh factor. About [...]
Pregnancy Week 27

27 Weeks Pregnant

Wow! You’re already in the last week of your second trimester! As you enter into the last stage of pregnancy, be prepared for many new symptoms and experiences for you and your family. Changes in Mom From here until the last few weeks of [...]
Pregnancy Week 26

26 Weeks Pregnant

As the second trimester winds down, you can say good-bye to the easier aspects of pregnancy and welcome back the fatigue, along with various aches and pains. The third trimester is an exciting milestone, but with it come many challenges. Re[...]
Pregnancy Week 25

25 Weeks Pregnant

This week is all about maintenance, preparation, and attempting to find some comfort. Be mindful of your movements and decisions at this stage in the pregnancy (as if you haven’t at this point), because the changes occurring at this stage[...]
Pregnancy Week 24

24 Weeks Pregnant

Now that you and baby are growing more rapidly, it may be a good time to get some projects done before life changes forever. Changes in Mom From this point on in the pregnancy, unforeseen complications could drastically alter plans. From we[...]
Pregnancy Week 23

23 Weeks Pregnant

Mom and baby will continue to grow in size this week, as the second trimester starts to wind down. To prepare for the final push, both mom’s and baby’s bodies are flexing their muscles. Changes in Mom Contractions are the dreaded part o[...]
Pregnancy Week 22

22 Weeks Pregnant

Although many of your symptoms have tapered off and seem to be a (not-so-nice) memory, you may begin to experience other changes at this point in the pregnancy, and many of these modifications are due to your body’s remarkable transformat[...]
Pregnancy Week 21

21 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy has become fairly routine by this stage, but it is still important to eat right, exercise daily, rest when needed, and prepare yourself for any unexpected changes you may experience. Changes in Mom One of the hardest parts of preg[...]
Pregnancy Week 20

20 Weeks Pregnant

Finally—the half-way mark. You can do this! Changes in Mom Plenty is changing, and although it seems as if things have slowed down, a tremendous transformation is just about to start. At this point, women typically gain about 15 pounds. F[...]
Pregnancy Week 19

19 Weeks Pregnant

Week 19 already, and you are almost to the halfway point! This week is full of important changes as well as some slight irritations. Changes in Mom It seems like everything about your body is changing: hair, nails, belly, breasts, mood…wh[...]
Pregnancy Week 18

18 Weeks Pregnant

Week 18 seems like more of the same, as the second trimester seems to be a perfect time for settling into pregnancy. Changes in Mom Even though it seems like more of the same, this trimester is all about growth and making room. With that in[...]
Pregnancy Week 17

17 Weeks Pregnant

At this point in your pregnancy, you and baby are both piling on the ounces and pounds, growing together in preparation for this intimate partnership. Changes in Mom There is no doubt that you are a pregnant woman to the outside world. That[...]
Pregnancy Week 16

16 Weeks Pregnant

During this week, your doctor may recommend that you undergo some prenatal testing, especially dependent upon your age, health, and any other outlying factors. The most common test at this stage in the pregnancy is an amniocentesis, which c[...]
Pregnancy Week 15

15 Weeks Pregnant

Like much of the second trimester, not much seems to be going on (although your baby would disagree). Many women find that the second trimester is a relief from the life-altering symptoms of the first and far away enough from the third to b[...]
Pregnancy Week 14

14 Weeks Pregnant

Week 14 continues to bring a sense of normalcy to life—as normal as pregnant life can be. Mom’s difficult early symptoms have most likely disappeared and baby’s main task is to add to all that vital development of the first trimester.[...]
Pregnancy Week 13

13 Weeks Pregnant

Now that the second trimester has started, you will feel much relief—both physically and emotionally. Week 13 is the start of a different type of experience with baby, one that is less exhausting, nauseating, and full of worry. Although t[...]
Pregnancy Week 12

12 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to the last week of your first trimester. At this point, many couples decide to tell others about their pregnancy (if they haven’t already). The reason for this is that they may feel more comfortable knowing that week 12 marks a s[...]
Pregnancy Week 11

11 Weeks Pregnant

Nearing the end of the first trimester, baby and mom are beginning to get used to this cohabitation. Baby is developing in remarkable ways, and mom is finally starting to feel better from the havoc the first few weeks of pregnancy brings. C[...]
Pregnancy Week 10

10 Weeks Pregnant

Until now, baby has been undergoing a critical period of development. Vital organs and entire bodily systems—the most critical for life—are almost in full working order. Week 10 marks an important point in pregnancy: The point when the [...]
Pregnancy Week 9

9 Weeks Pregnant

Hello fetus! No longer an embryo, your baby is advancing at an incredible rate. The development of vital organs and structures are all coming together and with their merging comes functional behaviors. Although you may not be able to feel i[...]
Pregnancy Week 8

8 Weeks Pregnant

Week 8 marks the last days of your baby’s embryo days. Developing into a fetus, your baby will begin to lose its embryonic traits (think tadpole) and will being to look and act more human every day. From the end of this week until deliver[...]
Pregnancy Week 7

7 Weeks Pregnant

Week 7 is full of amazing and exponential change. Although you continue to experience unpleasant symptoms, know that your baby is literally blooming into a magnificent being. Changes in Mom Nausea, headaches, fatigue, and mood swings may co[...]
Pregnancy Week 6

6 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations! You are now halfway through the first trimester. It may seem like the waves of nausea, exhaustion, and other unpleasantries will never end, but just remember: Your body is working hard to create a unique individual. Changes[...]
Pregnancy Week 5

5 Weeks Pregnant

Week 5 is the first of your second month of pregnancy! There is no doubt about it now: You’ve passed any at-home pregnancy test thrown your way, and your symptoms have begun to affect your life. Fatigue and nausea are two of the most comm[...]
Pregnancy Week 4

4 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby has now found his or her home for the next 36 weeks, give or take a few. During week 4, your nice, little blastocyst becomes an embryo, nestling itself safely into the uterine wall. This process, called implantation, can cause som[...]
Pregnancy Week 3

3 Weeks Pregnant

Conception, Baby! The moment of genesis has finally arrived, whether this moment caught you by surprise or is all a part of your calculations. A successful sperm has now fertilized the egg, creating a one-celled organism called a zygote. Af[...]
Pregnancy Week 2

2 Weeks Pregnant

This week marks the end of life as you know it and the beginning of a new life to get to know. Although no baby exists yet, this is the week your body prepares for conception. To get ready for such an undertaking, your body is priming itsel[...]
Pregnancy Week 1

1 Week Pregnant

If you are reading this summary, chances are you’ve decided to have a baby, or you’re already pregnant and trying to learn as much about your pregnancy as possible. Either way, week 1 is rather uneventful. It is the week of your last me[...]